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Pat Thomas

Our ‘Sick’ Society

03/11/16 Articles

How does ill health affect our ability to function and what difference does it make to us, not just as individuals, but to how we function as a society? This is the question I have been pondering as new reports show that the global population continues to get sicker. For instance, findings from the European […]

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The Bayer-Monsanto Merger – Corporate Madness or a Moment of Possibility?

15/09/16 Articles

Forget reality shows. For anyone interested in the future of food – and really the future of the entire planet – the corporate theatre of the mega-merger is proving to be compelling stuff. This week Monsanto confirmed a record-breaking $66bn takeover of its GM seeds business by rival Bayer. The deal – if it is allowed to […]

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On Tour with Neil Young – Again!

24/07/16 News

It may have looked like things were quite over the last few months but they have been anything but! My group Beyond GM was chosen to organise the GMO and Future of Farming tents for the Global Village of Activists that accompanied Neil Young on his 2016 European tour. It was a tremendous opportunity to do some grassroots campaigning and to strengthen our networks throughout Europe. The Villages on UK home territory were particulalry gratifying and allowed us to meet so many people who really ‘get it’ and who want a sustainable food system that guarantees us health and security far into the future.

After two months of frantic prep, 2 months of touring, 15 countries, 25 villages, thousands of people engaged, several films produced and lots of social media I can finally unpack! Thanks to all our partner NGOs who joined us in each country to help make a difference. Let’s keep standing up for a sustainable food system in Europe.

  • You can read about the tour here.
  • Read my take on the partmership between music and activism here.
  • See photos from the UK villages here.
  • Check the media resources which we produced which includes a list of the groups we worked with here.
  • Check the Beyond GM YouTube channel for some nice films on the tour.

Enjoy (I know I did)!

Fair for Plants as Well as People

04/07/16 Articles

I consume therefore I am…as the modern mantra goes. People vary, of course, in how closely they stick to this mantra. For some the act of shopping, of consuming, of treating the world like their own private hypermarket is both thrilling and fulfilling. But the psychology – or neurosis – of the consumer society aside, […]

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