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Pat Thomas

Fair for Plants as Well as People

04/07/16 Articles

I consume therefore I am…as the modern mantra goes. People vary, of course, in how closely they stick to this mantra. For some the act of shopping, of consuming, of treating the world like their own private hypermarket is both thrilling and fulfilling. But the psychology – or neurosis – of the consumer society aside, […]

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Perceptions of Herbal Medicine in the Media

04/04/16 Articles

If you are a regular user of herbal remedies, you may have just shrugged off the article in the Daily Mail as yet another example of herb bashing. But it was worth paying attention to because in a few short paragraphs it illustrated so much of what is wrong with the way our media perceives […]

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New Kids Video Project

04/04/16 News

It’s their future and they must have a voice.

This I’m currently involved as producer on a unique video project for my group Beyond GM.

Our Food Our Future aims to give children a chance to speak up about GMOs and educate other kids in the world about their experiences.

It is calling on kids of all ages in the Americas to start an international conversation by sending in a short video of themselves talking about the food issues that affect them and their families, with a specific focus on GMOs, pesticides, labelling, health, environment, activism and the future.

The project is a next phase of the successful Letter from America project which launched in 2014 to international acclaim and with widespread support by US NGOs and high profile individuals.

Our Food Our Future aims to get kids in the Americas telling their stories to kids in the UK and the rest of Europe, where many governments, including the British government, are planning to plant GMO crops and, with the implementation of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), import more GMOs foods and animal feed.

We’ve been very luck to have Beyond GM’s teen ‘ambassador’ Mya-Rose Craig (aka Birdgirl) assists us with our video appeal.

If you have kids – or grandkids – or are a kid living in the Americas please support the project by uploading your video here.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Book is Out

20/02/16 News

It’s always a pleasure to produce these beautiful books with Neal’s Yard Remedies.

This Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Book can help you change your beauty regime by giving an in depth look at natural ingredients, recipes for homemade treats and make-up looks that enhance your natural beauty.

I first made my name challenging the toxic ingredients that are put into most personal care products. We do a lot of ugly things in the name of beauty – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I was very pleased to see the book, which I co-authored with colleagues Susan Curtis and Fran Johnson, featured in the Daily Telegraph and it has had a fantastic reception by others including the Beauty Bible, Good Housekeeping and lots of online sites.

There will be more books on the way. Next up the only guide you will ever need to essential oils…