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By Pat Thomas, 15/01/18 News
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The NYR Natural News website, which I have edited, curated and written for over the last 6 years is undergoing a change of ownership – to me – and a change of name, but it emphasis on natural health and environment and wholesome food will remain unchanged.

The new site will be an independent entity called Natural Health News. Quite a few of my NYR Natural News articles are already on this site as well but the transfer of ownerships means that the 2000 plus news items and articles will remain available online and it will give me the opportunity to keep adding to the site and helping it to evolve.

Building confidence in natural alternatives

NYR Natural News launched in 2011 with a simple premise: to help visitors feel more confident in managing their own health naturally.

Many complementary and alternative approaches to health are well-researched and effective, and user satisfaction is high, but this fact is not well reflected in the mainstream press.

The aim was to correct this deficit by giving space to natural health success stories, by busting a few myths and producing informative articles on natural prevention and self-care. It was also important to provide context – health isn’t created in a vacuum but is so often a result of our environment and lifestyle choices.

We also wanted to produce a site that was beautiful and easy to navigate, which had lots of useful ‘stuff’ on it like recipes, our Remedy Finder, and Vitality Quiz, and most recently our Detox Quiz, and which could call on a wide range of expertise both inside and outside our organisation.

The website launched quietly but has grown quickly to become an impressive archive and over the years millions of visitors from around the world have come to the site and it also has a lively social media presence.

A labour of love

My colleague Susan Curtis, Director of Natural Health at Neal’s Yard Remedies very kindly notes, “I’m delighted that our natural health site will continue as an independent enterprise with Pat Thomas staying on as editor. It is so important to have access to accurate and well-balanced information on health alternatives – and on environmental influences on health – and I hope the site will continue to go from strength to strength.”

I manage my own and my family’s health naturally wherever possible and for me the website has been a labour of love. I am grateful for Neal’s Yard Remedies’ support over the years. It has been very gratifying to see the website and online community grow as more as more people become aware of and interested in using natural and holistic approaches to managing their health.

I hope everyone continues to visit and support the site, to encourage their friends and family to become part of our growing online community and to use the information to stay informed, healthy and well.